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SCAM ALERT: FAKE DEBT COLLECTORS - These con artists often target people who applied for a payday loan online and use threats to pressure them into paying debts they don't owe...Read More
YOU CAN'T RUN OR HIDE FROM BIG DATA - Privacy advocates have big concerns about big data and how all the information being collected about us is being used...Read More
DID YOU HEAR? GM HAS A FREE-LOANER PROGRAM - General Motors will provide a free loaner car to anyone who has a recalled car that needs a defective ignition switch replaced. ...Read More
EARLY WARNING SYSTEM FOR AUTO DEFECTS NEEDED - A bill in the Senate would require an automaker to tell federal safety regulators as soon as it knows about a fatal accident involving one of its vehicles...Read More
WEB SATISFACTION SURVEY - This first-of-a-kind national survey shows financial institutions websites are doing a very good job, but social media is not...Read More
SUPERMARKET RATINGS 2014 - Readers of Consumer Reports - more than 27,000 of them - rated 55 supermarket chains...Read More

PAYDAY LOANS CAN RESULT IN LONG-TERM DEBT  - A new study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds that the vast majority of short-term payday loans are not paid off within 14 days...Read More

CRITICS SAY FEDS MISS AUTO SAFETY PROBLEMS  - Consumer advocates believe NHTSA, the government auto safety agency, was asleep at the wheel in the GM recall case and many others...Read More
BIG DATA USED TO CATCH TAX FRAUD - ID thieves are stealing millions of dollars a year by filing fraudulent state income tax returns. Now some states are using big data to fight back...Read More
DOGA: YOGA GOES TO THE DOGS, LITERALLY - It may sound silly, but people who take yoga classes with their pooch – doga - can’t stop raving about it. They find it to be a wonderful bonding experience...Read More

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ConsumerMan Radio Show

SHOW #1 (APRIL 5, 2014) - 2014 Supermarket Survey, springtime threats to your pets, Windows XP, scammers target military vets...Listen to Show
VIDEO PODCAST: BE SAFE WITH SUPPLEMENTS - We spend a lot of money on these pills and powders and potions, but many of the health-related claims are false or unproven
View Video

VIDEO PODCAST: SCHOLARSHIP SCAMS An ad that promises “guaranteed” scholarship money can be mighty tempting. Better watch out! It could be a scam. Here's how to tell ...View Video

Today’s teens grew up in a digital world, so they’re often careless about what they do online. That can be dangerous in so many ways...View Video

SHOULD BIG DATA BE USED TO SET INSURANCE RATES? Consumer advocates claim some insurance companies now use data mining to unfairly price their home and auto insurance premiums and they want the practice banned. /font>.

Paying for college, fake debt collector scam, big concerns about big data, and how to stop your dog from barking at the TV.



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